What are some things I can use old plastic bags for?



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    They work pretty well for landscaping as weed coverage that you cover with mulch or other coverings. It’s also cheaper than the screens.

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    The United States produces and uses over 100 billion plastic bags per year– yikes!  It is great that you asked how we can resume old plastic bags, as reusing is a great way to slow our consumption.  There are many uses for old plastic bags.  You could use them as package stuffing or wrapping, in place of styrofoam or bubble wrap.  You could use them over your hands in place of rubber gloves when cleaning.  You could create a children’s art project with the use of old plastic bags– let them paint them, mold them, blow them up, and see what they create!  You could reuse them as grocery bags, and take them to the supermarket with you.  See the link below for more ideas!

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