What are some things I can reuse newspaper for?



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    It’s great for washing windows, or for soaking up bad odors. There’s a few more in the link I’ve attached, and they’re all great!

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    I have attached a link for 25 things your can do with old newspaper. 

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    You can also make your own paper by reusing newspaper.  See the link below for more info.

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    It is also great for drying shoes. I always crunch a bunch together and stuff them in my shoes to allow the newspaper to sock up the water. Additionally I use it to help start fires in my fireplace. Nevertheless, I have read that newspapers are not the problem, because it is made from poor wood. 

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    Newspaper is great for lining the cages of your pets like birds, reptiles, and some rodents.

    It can be shredded or balled up and used as packing material when you are mailing a package.

    It can be used to start fires in your fireplace or wood stove or when you are camping and have a camp fire.

    Newspaper can be recycled where companies will make other paper products with it.

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    Newspaper is great for many basic household uses.  You can utilize it for cleaning windows or glass surfaces instead of using paper towels.  It also makes effective matting for draining oil from fried foods when cooking.  You can also do some fun and creative art projects, such as making paper mache from it.

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