What are some things I can do with water bottles besides recycle them?



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    Plastic water bottles are very useful for children’s art creations or jewelery making. Here are links with several fun ideas for projects: www.artistshelpingchildren.org/artscraftsideasplasticbottlesprojectskids.html.


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    Easy answer: refill them and reuse them.

    Creative answer: Make them into art.  A very quick search got me to these gems:


    Water Bottle Jelly Fish


    Water Bottle Lamp Shade


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    Reuse them!! I personally refill my plastic water bottles a dozen times before recycling them, as long as they are primarily for my use, and I haven’t been sick. If concerned you can rinse them out with a little dishwashing detergent, but that can also be a waste of water. I’ve seen people give them to their dogs for play toys; just take them away before they start to shred them and ingest the plastic bits! You can also use them as watering cans for plants. Check out the site below for some more humorous uses of plastic bottles.

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