What are some things I can do to reduce my food waste?



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    There are several ways you can modify your personal habits to minimize the amount of food that gets discarded.  It is recommended to shop carefully using a list, and to avoid shopping on an empty stomach, as hungry shoppers are shown to be more prone to impulse buys, and to over-shopping.  Be as consistent as possible in your eating habits, so that you can accurately predict how much produce you will use in a given amount of time, so as to avoid loading the refrigerator with products that will go bad.  Establishing a compost is a great way to make productive use of peelings and refuse from vegetables and fruits.

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    Make frequent trips to the store so nothing goes bad while you are waiting to eat it. Only make exactly as much food as you are going to eat or start to eat leftovers. Try to not eat out as much or when you do eat out split an order so there isn’t a bunch left or again eat them as leftovers.

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    If you do find yourself with leftovers, freezing the rest is always a great option. You may lose some of the meal’s original vitamins and nutrients but it is a more economical option to food waste. Another trick is simply portioning. This requires a little more time but can prove to be more efficient. Homeless shelters do accept some foods and donations are always appreciated. Call your local shelter to find out what they accept. If all else fails-I am sure there is a neighbor near by who would love some leftovers…or a dog…

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