What are some things I can do with an old dresser?



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    Put an ad on Craigslist, Freecycle, or a similar website to let others know you have no use for it (if that is your situation). If not, you can use the drawers for storage. Have you considered selling it?

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    Like babbs said, you could always give it away or sell it to others who may need it. You could also find some other uses for it, rather than using it for clothes. Put storage items in it or use it as decoration for something. Whatever option you go for though, do not just throw it away – it will only take up space elsewhere and will end up being harmful to the environment. Someone, somewhere, can always use an extra dresser.

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    Definitely put it on Craigslist! College students especially will flock to your posting – make sure to include pictures (I find that always helps). If you are handy, or know some that is, you can take it apart and build something new that you need – perhaps shelves or a new end table? You can also refurnish your old dresser with some vibrant paint and make it like new!!! Like this spruced up dresser from tipjunkie.com (#12).

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    If it is in poor condition, give it to a bunch of kids and see what they can do with it. Better yet, give it to an Odyssey of the Mind team and they can use it as scrap wood for their projects. Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem solving competition where teams of 5-7 kids have to build something within a certain cost limit. So, they are always looking for pieces of junk that they can use!

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