What are some theories of what would happen if the rainforest disappeared?



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    If the rain forest disappeared the earth would lessen the oxygen to breath, as trees absorb Carbon dioxide and covert it into oxygen (20 percent of the world’s oxygen). Also the disappearance of the rain forest would mean the disappearance of likely sources of medicines as undiscovered plant, animals, and micro-organisms would be extinct.

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    Also, there are several plants that can replace our staple fruits and vegetables, and those would be extinct and therefore unavailable to humanity.  About 90% of the plants in rainforests that natives use for medicines already have not been researched by modern science.

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    If the rainforest disappeared, we would lose all of the carbon dioxide stored in the trees, thereby making the world warmer. We would also be losing a wide variety of medicinal plants, including some which may help in curing cancer; 70 percent of cancer-fighting plants are found only in the rainforests. A wide variety of animals would also be lost, as the rainforests are also the most biologically diverse places on the planet.

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    Many of the medicines that we use come from the rainforest.  If the rainforest were completely destroyed, we would lose valuable sources.  An immense amount of species dwell within the rainforest.  Countless species will go extinct while we never knew they existed because of the vastness of the rainforest and its diversity.

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    The global effects of what would happen if the rainforest disappeared has been well explained here, but I just felt is necessary to add that we’d also lose some of our most precious, beautiful and exotic locations on the planet. The aesthetic and cultural factors may be second to the environmental ones, but they’re big as well.

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