What are some sustainable strategies that companies can use?



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    There are many ways that companies can increase their sustainability, and the best way to get ideas about how to do it is to see what other companies are doing. Wal Mart launched a campaign that includes increasing the efficiency of its vehicle fleet by 25% over the next three years, eliminating 30% of the energy used in stores, and reducing solid waste from U.S. stores by 25% in three years.

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    The “triple bottom line” is becoming a foundation for many businesses.  Composed of “people, planet, profit,” the triple bottom line is essentially the realization that profit and social justice and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.  By working with communities and making environmentally sound business practices, companies can win new customers, keep the old, and save money. 

    As far as specific sustainability strategies that some companies use, some include replacing the company fleet with hybrids, making the supply chain more efficient, paperless offices, and green buildings. 

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    Definitely keep trends and the long term in mind.  Know your business.  Know what’s best for everyone involved, from the production team to the people you provide your product or service to.  How does your business operate, and what areas need to be updated?  Be open to change. Communicate. Step back.  


    Strategies will be specific to each company, but engaging those you work with, and developing a clear vision of where the company should be going will help identify areas that can be more efficient, and then make the changes needed to meet the vision.

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