What are some sustainable gifts I can buy for Christmas presents?



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    Sustainable gifts, huh!? That’s a new one… Ummm, seeds? No that’s not a very exciting option… and you don’t really want to buy anything that is made with plastic! so that severely limits your options. Maybe if you are getting the gift for someone who is over 21 (especially a wine-drinker) you could get them a Bota Box (3 liters of wine for like 16 bucks and you aren’t hurting the environment [well, as much as you would be if you were to buy an un-environmentally minded company’s wine] that’s tough to beat)…. But what if they don’t like to drink wine or otherwise? How about something like a subscription to an environmental magazine (which is a bit of an oxymoron these days with the internet and all I believe–but there has to be some cost to spread information, right). I was thinking “a football” but peta people would be upset about using the cow’s hide for the leather… because a nice football lasts for decades and it is a good outdoor activity that doesn’t take a toll on the environment (just on the body, and sadly, in some cases, the mind)… I’ll keep thinking about this one!

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    An extremely sustainable gift is a donation to a charity. All you have to do is give a donation under another persons name for the amount of money you would have normally spent on their gift. There aren’t any resources used to make this gift. To make it even more sustainable, you could donate it to a nature foundation like the World Wildlife Fund.

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