What are some sustainable building materials?



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    The most sustainable building materials that we have are all of the different types of wood.  Yes, this contributes to deforestation when we use it, but the fact is that trees do grow back and as long as we responsibly use wood then we are fine.  In fact, the number of trees in the United States has actually grown over the years due to the safe practicing of the forest community.  This makes wood the best source of sustainable building material because it has so many wide uses and is indeed renewable.

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    Hemp and flax fibers are being incorporated into numerous building applications.  The use of the strong fibrous stalk of hemp, flax, wheat, and other plants is coined bio-fibers.  It is an industry that is gaining momentum, especially in building and home construction.  They are used in insulation, composite boards, flooring, and more.  

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    Here is some more information on sustainable building materials.

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