What are some successful wildlife conservation efforts in Asia?



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    One conservation effort is the one being undertaken by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to save the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus).

    This type of elephant used to thrive in various regions throughout the continent, from Iran to China and down to India. Now, it is has become extinct in some countries and only survives in fragmented areas in others.

    The organization works with Asian governments to survey the elephant population and enact laws to conserve the species. According to the WCS, “Recent success include the promotion of low-tech, community-based guarding methods in Sumatra that have successfully repelled more than 90 percent of attempted elephant raids in some areas.”

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    There is the Asian Turtle Conservation Network (ATCN) started in 2003. It helps develop and promote turtle consveration efforts in Asia. The website shares informatoin and updates such has how the Philippine Forest Turtle is becoming extinct.

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