What are some successful regulations that have helped ocean fish populations?



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    There was a law preventing the overfishing of red snapper fish in the Gulf of Mexico.  It worked enough so that the red snapper was no longer overfished, and as of March 2011 lawmakers are thinking of loosening the regulation slightly.  

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    A handful of regulations have been in place for a very long time with regards to saltwater fishing, like minimum size limits to prevent molts and younger fishing from being harvested, outright restrictions on certain types of fishing, imposing fishing seasons, etc.

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    In Guam, there are Marine Preserve Areas created to protect aquatic animals and coral reefs; fishing and other detrimental activities are prohibited. “Within a marine preserve, the taking of aquatic animals is restricted.” Fortunately, these preserves have been strictly enforced since 1999, and the penalties are significant enough (such as a $500 fine or 90-day imprisonment) to deter potential violators from harming fish. Many coastal countries and states have their own regulations in place to keep the saltwater fish populations in tact.

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