What are some successful examples of GMO food?



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    Many foods these days are Genetically modified foods. Tyson, the largest producer of chicken in the United States, breeds a GMO type chicken. This type of chicken was chosen because they take less than 1 month to reach maturity, thus reducing costs and speeding up production.

    Some tomatoes grown are GMO. This type of tomato can remain fresher longer increasing the life of the fruit.

    Sugar cane also has a GMO cousin that is resistant to pesticides and has a higher sucrose content making it sweeter.

    Some farmed fish have been genetically altered to improve growth in a smaller pond.

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    Soy, cotton, and rice have all become commonly modified crops to make them more profitible. Up to 25 countries are now using genetically modified crops.

    Many animals have also been genetically engineered as well in order for them to mature faster, produce more milk, and etc.

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