What are some successful community gardens in the US?



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    Seattle has an amazingly successful community garden program, involving 23 total acres of land and 4,400 gardeners.

    The P-Patches (so they’re called to commemorate the Picardo family) are regulated by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Community Gardening Program.  There is a waiting list for the garden plots that are currently available because they are so popular. 

    P-Patch gardeners contributed 17,000 hours maintaining their gardens in 2010 in order to donate almost 21,000 pounds of fresh produce to Seattle food banks and feeding programs.

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    Northampton, MA has had a community garden for at least three years (probably longer, but I’ve only been in the area for that long), and it seems to be doing well! Participants pay $22 for a plot and put in 2 hours annually to maintaining the garden. Here’s a link: http://www.nohogardens.org/

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    The South Central Community Garden of Los Angeles, in operation between 1994 and 2006, was considered one of the largest urban farms in the United States, weighing in at nearly 14 acres. The farmers were evicted in 2006 by the landowner, despite public outcry and support from the city’s mayor – a battle that’s still being waged in court. See link below for more information.

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