What are some stuff that a meteorologist does?



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    A meteorologist uses data about atmospheric conditions and geographic location to make short-term predictions about weather patterns.  This is in contrast with a climatologist, who does a similar thing, but over the course of a longer period of time.  You can see meteorologists every day on your local news station as weather men.

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    A meteorologist can do more things than you would expect. Meteorologists do not have to always predict future storms; archive meteorologists investigate, verify, and report on storms which occurred in the past. They are essential in the aviation industry, since pilots need accurate weather forecasts in order to determine whether they can fly out of an area on a particular day. Meteorologists have also been known to consult with architects to make sure buildings can withstand extreme weather conditions.  They have also partnered with companies such as Liz Claiborne and Target in order to utilize weather patterns to help promote sales. Last, but not least, they can teach meteorology at universities.

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