What are some of the studies that have been done on the topic of global warming?



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    Now that global warming is becoming a more widely accepted fact to people, we are starting to studies the effects of it, not just environmentally but socially and economically as well. The University of Oregon recently released a study saying that if nothing is done about global warming between now and 2020 it would cost every Oregonian $1,930 dollars in damage. On the other side a Western Business Roundtable study showed that if we tried to do something about global warming, it would cost people $1,935. The two studies clash in saying it’s economically fortuitous to not go anything about global warming. Details of the studies are in the link.

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    Countless studies of global warming have been undertaken. A good source for arguments of both the “pro” and “con” variety is the book <i>Poles Apart</i> by Gareth Morgan.

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