What are some structural components of the Colosseum?



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    The Colosseum used a lot of different materials in its building based on how strong or sturdy they were deigned to be (and given its still standing, they must not have been that off!). Materials include pumice stone and lime stone. The outside part that showed used marble.


    If you mean architectural constructs, the building used a lot of arches in its basic framework as well as in a more showy fashion. It was, after all, meant to be a theatre of sorts.

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    The Roman Colosseum is considered to be an amazing architectural achievement boasting 679 feet long, 512 feet wide, and 160 feet tall at it’s highest point. The Roman Colosseum featured four seating levels and may have well seated around 80,000 people. In addition, the Colosseum had 80 different entrances and also featured elevators, tunnels, and a retractable canvas roof called the valorium. The roof covered about 2/3 of the arena’s seats and was probably maneuvered using a system of lifts and pulleys.  

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