What are some strategies to deal with plastic pollution?



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    You can reduce the amount of plastic waste by adjusting your consumer habits quite easily. Bottled water can easily be replaced by tap water, constistently using your own bag instead of plastic bags provided by supermarkets, and shopping at local markets for fruit and vegetables, thus reducing the packaging.

    This website provides a useful list of easy ways to reduce plastic waste:

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    In addition to changing consumer habits understand your waste stream. If you throw away recyclables then you are just adding to the problem instead make sure you recycle properly. Also get involved with your communities waste management strategies because there are still many communities that do not have good recycling programs. Finally, protect your waste to protect the environment. Often times garbage or recycling bins are not secure or contained and therefore can spill into streets where the waste is carried into drainage systems and eventually ends up in rivers and then the ocean (i.e. the great pacific garbage patch).

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    Easy ways to lessen plastic pollution is to change your everyday habits. There are other options all over the place now. These options are so much more accessible than they have been in the past. You can bring your own bags to the grocery store, or can stop using plastic water bottles by drinking tap water or using  a filter for your tap water, and you can make conscious decisions on what foods you buy at the grocery store and make sure they use as little packaging as possible. You also need to be very aware of your garbage system. You need to make sure when something can be recycled, it gets thrown in the right bin so it does not end up in the landfill.

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