What are some steps to make a house environment friendly?



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    There are a few simple steps one could take in order to be more eco-friendly in the homestead:

    1) Save energy as much as possible with more eco friendly bulbs, light timers, and energy saving appliances (This is probably the most important step).

    2) Composting always helps to bring nutrients to a garden, and/or yard.

    3) Minimal watering- People water their greens far too much, installing a sprinkler system saves quite a bit of water.

    4) Using eco friendly house cleaning products (Simply Green makes a lot of good equipment).

    5) Turning your empty yard into more of a garden, if one doesn’t exist.  There is a lot of ambient grass that could be turned into crops that could save on trips to the grocery (and they taste better!).


    The citation goes over a few other tips.

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    In addition to what’s listed above you can:

    • Use a clothes airer. Tumble driers use huge amounts of electricity.You can also install a drying rack and air dry your clothes naturally.
    • Buy second-hand things. Whenever you buy something second-hand you keep valuable resource in use and cut out all the energy and resources needed to make something new. Shop on Ebay for used items, before you go looking for something new.
    • Buy energy efficient appliances.

    You can find more advice like this in the website below.

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