What are some states in which green jobs are growing?



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    As of May 2010, GreenJobSpider.com, a search engine for green job offers organized by state or profession, conducted a survey to determine which states had the most green job offerings. The top five were: California; Washington, DC; New York; Texas; and Colorado. According to Clean Tech Inc, the top 15 US metro areas with the most green job activity in 2010 included cities in those I just listed, but also New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Georgia, Washington, and Oregon. For more detailed info about some of those cities, click here.

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    It appears that in California the green jobs sector is growing at a rate three times faster than other jobs. A recently released report looked at job growth from 2008 to 2009 and found that green collar jobs are growing in every region of the state, rather than being concentrated in specific cities or areas. The report also found that between 1995 and 2009, California’s Core Green Economy expanded its job numbers by 56 percent and added 20,000 new jobs.

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    Texas, specifically Austin, is an area where green jobs are growing. Hopefully, the workforce will continue to grow; with more people getting prepared for jobs such as solar-panel installation, green facilities and management, green jobs are becoming more apparent with time.

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    Seattle is a good example of a city offering “green” jobs. It is said to host approximately 300 clean industry companies worth one billion dollars. At least eight thousand people are said to be employed in such industries– averaging an estimated $500 million in total wages. Also, Seattle is said to have a 64% higher concentration of green jobs than on average in the entire U.S., and it is committed to finding more ways to make more jobs green available.

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    New Jersey is a huge solar producer right now, second only to California. New Jersey offers large rebates and tax credits to consumers that make it extremely affordable to buy and install solar systems. With plans to get 30-percent of their energy needs from renewable energy by 2020, it seems the demand for solar jobs will only increase.

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    Well don’t look in Ohio. Their green alternative energy only accounts for 0.7% of their economy. California seems to a good place, especially in San Francsico, they were ranked by The New York Times as #1 in the most clean energy jobs in 2008.

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