What are some species that would hurt humans if they went extinct?



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    Rainforest species are among the most threatened by extinction and the rainforest is perhaps the most biologically diverse habitat on earth. Thus, to loose these species would mean not only significant irreparable damage to the food chain but also consequences we cannot foresee because we know of only a small fraction, one fifth at best, of all the species which live there. One inevitable consequence, however, is a reduction in medicinal compounds, plants, and herbs. Many medicines created by scientists today are simply reproductions of natural substances which were discovered in the rainforest. Another rapidly declining species is plankton which produce roughly 60% of the world’s oxygen, an enormous amount to lose due to extinction. Bees are another one as different species in Britain and elsewhere go extinct, the pollination of plants is hindered, some plants die out or reduce greatly and some of these are plants we eat. 

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    If you think about the types of foods we eat, the extinction of those animals would also have negative effects on humans. Losing a farming species such as pigs, chickens, and especially cattle (not only no beef, but no milk either) would drastically change our agricultural system. Also, losing predatory species that keep pests in check would have a negative impact, such as losing spiders or small birds that eat mosquitoes.

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