What are some species that would be hurt if the Tiger were to go extinct?



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    Surprisingly, grazing species such as antelope and deer would be the most effected by the loss of this predator. Without predators to keep their populations in check, grazers will deplete resources and will contribute the loss of diversity in the surrounding ecosystem.

    This being said, species which the tigers do not prey on would be indirectly effected as well.

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    Local prey populations would be the most affected and vulnerable. When a larger predators like tigers go extinct, smaller carnivores and omnivores under “meso-predator release,” also called population explosion. An example of “meso-predator release” would be the leopards of Ujung Kulon National Park in Java. In the 1930s, tigers occurred at a low density and there were no leopards. Today, there are leopards but the Javan tiger has gone extinct.

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