What are some species of wild dogs?



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    Six or so listed here:

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    Most wild dogs are endangered! Here are some different breeds: The Dhole, The Ethiopian Wolf, The Bush Dog, The Maned Wolf, etc.

    You can find more information about wild dogs and how to protect them here:


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    Wolves are perhaps the most famous wild dog species.

    There is also the dingo in southeast Asia and Australia.

    Foxes are another species of wild dog.


    Coyotes are a prevalent wild dog in the United States. I’ve had my own close encounters with these.


    I am particularly fond of the African Wild Dog. I really love those big round ears, though I doubt that I would ever want to be too close to one.


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    Also fun is the jackal

    Only a few mammals mate for life, and the jackal is one of them. Even the young may stick around to help raise their younger siblings. There are three different species of Jackal, all native to East Africa. They are a very oportunistic and resourceful species known for their loud, high pitched howl.

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    Dingos, wolves, coyotes, foxes, jackals, off the top of my head.

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