What are some species of fish that are unhealthy to eat?



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    Fish that has been caught in the Great Lakes should not be eaten due to the fact that they contain PCBs, DDT, and PBDEs. Most fish contain mercury which causes more damage to infants, fetuses, and young children. Overtime is can store up in our bodies. Read the article I attached for more info. 

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    There are also many fish which have become endangered species due to overfishing. Many restaurants in Vancouver,Canada have responded by serving only sustainable. This program is called OceanWise. For a list of sustainable and unsustainable fish species see the link below.

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    Tuna tends to have the highest concentration of mercury.  Be sure to know where you are getting the fish from and how it’s been raised (i.e. farmed or fresh water, salt water).  Farmed fish can have lower nutritious value, though this is not always the case, due to their conditions.

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         Pufferfish, or fugu, is a delicacy in Japanese cuisine, but it is lethal if prepared incorrectly. Since certain parts of the fish contain a lethal neurotoxin, only licensed chefs can prepare it.

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