What are some species of endangered octopus?



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    The Pacific Northwest tree octopus. Follow the link for more details.

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    Actually, the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is an elaborate internet hoax first dreamt up by Lyle Zapato (a WA based writer) in 1998. There is no such species, so it cannot possibly be endangered.

    Happily, the International Union of Conservation of Nature lists no real octopus species on its current red list, although they do express concern regarding the eventual fate of the very real North Pacific Giant Octopus, whose numbers have been dwindling due to the effects of climate change on their oceanic home.

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    According to a few websites dedicated to endangered species, and more specifically the IUCN Red List for Endangered Species, there are no octopi currently listed as endangered.  There is however fear that the Blue Ring Octopus off the souther coast of Australia is on the verge on endangerment due to over fishing for use in animal trade.

    Trying to write tactfully, but the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is a gag.  Reading the web page and viewing images of the ‘tree octopus’ attests to the joke.

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