What are some social problems in Africa that America could help out with?



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    The problems on the African continent vary greatly between nations. Some countries are in states of extreme jeopardy, due to poor leadership, civil war or other conflicts; these nations include Ivory Coast, Angola, DRC, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Somalia and others. Other nations suffer because their governments are corrupt, and much of the money that is given to them from richer nations is embezzled. 

    If President Bush did accomplish anything positive during his administration, it was the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which allocated billions of dollars to the countries suffering most from the AIDS epidemic. This is Africa’s most immediate threat, and if America could not only continue to donate amounts this great, but also assign quality control personnel to ensure the monies are being spent properly, then the AIDS epidemic would suffer a severe blow. 

    Other organizations, such as the US Peace Corps, Worldvision, Care International and the United Nations are doing work in local communities. They address issues such as poor crop growth, lack of water, developing community groups and generating income through localized activities. 

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