what are some simple ways of composting human waste?

ways which do not require large amounts of materials, expensive gizmos toilets, and can be done at home.



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    If you will be composting human waste on a regular basis, I would recommend that you invest in a composting toilet system.  It makes composting easier, as the waste is filtered into a remote area that you don’t have to take out every day, or deal with any unpleasant odors.  Essentially, the composting toilet can be good in terms of making your environment cleaner, and the composting process easier.  If you did not want to use the composting toilet, you could use a bucket with wood chips, and funnel urine into a separate container.  See the links for more information.

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    I agree with lola14.  Unless you have a plan for where your excrement will end up (maybe you live on a farm?), then it is probably best to use a toilet system.  Otherwise, you’ll need a bucket, a toilet seat, and some sawdust.  But what do you do when the bucket gets full?  You’d need to transfer it to another place, and then you’d be dealing with possible regulations on solid waste disposal. 

    This article explains a woman’s quest to compost human waste in Chicago.

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      I live on a farm, and have had no problem composting the contents of my 5-gallon-bucket bucket system.

      With this question I was probing for was whether anyone had practical DIY experience in humanure processing that doesn’t require large upfront investment of money. I guess I will stick with my bucket, and urinating near fruit trees.

      The smell of my sawdust/woodash bucket receptacle is not noticeable until you get within a foot of it.

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    You may be interested in the article in the link.

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    Everything you could possibly want to know bout usin people poo is in this handbook. It is common in some areas (Asia) to use ‘night soil.’ People leave their poo in jars to be collected at night and distributed in the fields. This can be dangerous since humanure can contain pathogens. If handled correctly, apparently humanure produces a pleasant smeling, hygenically safe, rich, loamy material that is fantastic for growing. Better out than in, always wash your hands!

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