What are some simple green initiatives that my company can adopt?



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    Try having a recycling goal, or a goal of reducing energy usage (turn off computers at night, turn off lights when you leave a room, reduce unnecessary energy usage). You could also set up a bike-to-work challenge.

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    Set up a no print policy. Try to do as much as possible over e mail and on your companies computer servers so multiple drafts don’t get printed, plus those little “think before you print” e mail signatures. Smaller things like greening the coffee room with organic, free trade coffee, have everyone get a reusable mug instead of disposable ones (try this for water bottles as well). You could set up a kitchen compost in the break room or get employees to have plants at their desk to improve air quality.

    Pretty much anything you could do for yourself at home could be applied to the office as well. Make it fun and people will get involved, especially if you make it easy for them like setting up the recycle bins for them.

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