What are some simple and inexpensive ways to save water in the home?



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    There are a number of little things you can do to save water.  Take shorter showers, keep the water off while you brush your teeth, and make sure you have tight seals on things that might leak like faucets. 

    Here are a few more ways that require you to spend some money, but not much: invest in some water-saving shower heads; grow native plants in your lawn or garden that need less watering; and consider collecting rainwater for non-drinking use, like washing.


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    You can also make sure your clothes really are dirty before washing them. If you do dishes by hand, using a tub filled with soapy water, rather than simply keeping the faucet on, can also reduce water consumption.

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    You can use bath water to water plants in your yard (it is even better if you use biodegradable soap) or set up catch-basins to collect rain water to water your lawn.

    You can keep from flushing your toilet every time you use it. Some toilets now allow you to do a “half” flush or a “full” flush to help save water.

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    Water plants outside of peak sun hours so they absorb the most water possible and conserve the amounts you need to use to keep them healthy.  You can turn off the shower while lathering, and most people could get away with washing their hair every other day…it’s usually even healthier for it.

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    As mentioned in the first answer to this question, consider greywater (which is basically recycling water). According to the College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at New Mexico State University, greywater is any type of “drainage from a household” except toilet water and can be reused for purposes such as irrigating lawns, trees, ornamentals, and food crops.
    For more ideas about safely reusing greywater, consult the article found on the following link:


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    Use water air mixer on every sink. Keep all liks controlled. If you have to water the flowers in your garden use the drip irrigaton system and for drink use a small reverse osmosis for your needs so you dont have to buy bottled water.

    If you have a swimming pool, use HIDROZONE instead of chlorine tablets or salt chlorinators, use Smart Filters instead of sand filters and use an infloor cleaning system instead of a robot.

    Here I post some links regarding the swimming pools water saver:








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    You could also invest in a low-flush toilet and/or water-saver flush valve.

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