What are some shampoos I can make at my house?



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    I haven’t used shampoo since June and my hair feels better than ever. I mix a little bit of baking soda and water together and let it soak in my hair for a few minutes. Next, I wash it out and pour about 2 teaspoons worth of vinegar in my hair and leave it in. After a few hours, you stop smelling like a salad and your hair feels great. Not to mention, I have saved a lot of money on not buying shampoo and conditioner!

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    Also, if you are prone to dandruff, smash up a few tablets of aspirin and use that with the mixture described above.

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    This website gives a bunch of different recipes, some for oily hair, some for blonde hair, some for glossy hair, etc. All are easy to make and natural. 

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    By making your own shampoo, you can save money and waste! This is a simple recipe using castile soap, olive oil, honey, and green tea. Beauty products often contain abrasive chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils, which is the exact opposite of what you want to do.

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