What are some safe ways to get rid of coal ash?



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    Coal ash is never safe for re-use. It is not as good as dirt. Coal ash contains various toxic chemicals that can be harmful to human health. Though recycling coal ash may seem like a sensible idea, this isn’t the case. There is no such thing as “beneficial use.” “Traditional methods for the disposal of coal fly ash and bottom ash, such as trucking, conveying, or wet slurrying at low concentrations, have numerous operational and cost disadvantages associated with them. Non-pipeline solutions are unreliable, noisy, and inefficient, as well as producing environmental hazards due to dust and groundwater seepage.” The best way to deal with coal ash is to treat it as hazardous waste and process it with High Concentrated Slurry Disposal systems.

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    how can coal ash effluent tanks be effective in treating ash

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