What are some risks of nuclear energy?



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    The primary risk associated with nuclear power is posed by radiation. Though people are exposed to a certain amount of radiation every day, nuclear energy contains far more radiation than is healthy. As a result, people around nuclear energy can develop cancer, and, less commonly, birth defects. Waste from nuclear energy can emit radioactive material. This waste can escape through nuclear plant accidents, shipping accidents, small releases during regular operation, and in some extreme cases, improper waste removal.

    Reactor accidents and meltdowns can emit a high amount of radiation in a very short amount of time, sometimes leading to death in 60 days by destroying body functions. However, this only tends to happen in 2% of reactor meltdown accidents.

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    A number of risks are associated with nuclear energy. These include nuclear waste, environmental degradation, risk of nuclear accident, and increased risk of terrorism.

    Nuclear accident: Nuclear reactors are vulnerable to improper cooling, which could cause an explosion and subsequent meltdown. A meltdown results in large amounts of radioactivity release into the atmosphere, poisioning air, water, soil. The worst nuclear accident occurred in 1986, when a meltdown occurred at the Chernobyl power plant in the USSR. This resulted in many cancer-related deaths, and the area is still a secured radioactive deadzone today.

    Environmental degradation and nuclear waste: While nuclear energy is touted for being environmentally-friendly, the process of creating nuclear energy, specifically the mining of uranium and production of plutonium, pollute the atmosphere with radioactive isotopes. In addition, any biproducts from creating nuclear power take thousands of years to decay, and there is no way to safely dispose of this waste.

    Increased risk of terrorism: Nuclear energy can also be used to make bombs. The International Atomic Energy Agency is responsible for monitoring all nations with nuclear energy, but their regulations have been criticized for inefficiency.

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