What are some of the risks associated with have a green roof?



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    There are a few things that can make a green roof a hazard rather than a help. These are:

    – Green roofs can fail to reach the levels of energy efficiency claimed with the installation of a green roof. 

    – Green roofs can fail to reach the claimed number of green building credits that are needed in order to be certified.

    – Mold and other environmental hazards on the green roof can occur as a result of poor installation and maintenance.

    – Green roofs that are not properly installed, constructed and maintained can be at risk for collapse.

    The best way to avoid these risks is to hire someone to create your green roof that has extensive experience and good credentials and references.

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    Some of the risks related with a green roof may include:
    • failure to get the energy efficiency levels claimed by the installation of a green roof
    • mold or other environmental risks as a outcome of poor installation and maintenance of a green roof
    • A roof fall down resultant from a green roof that was not correctly installed, constructed, or maintained.

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