What are some renewable energy sources?



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    Geo-thermal (the earth is always warm inside, radioactive!)
    Wind (the wind is always blowing, lightly/ strongly)
    Solar (the sun is always shining—in one corner of the world or another—it is!)
    Tidal (the waves are always crashing on our shores, tides are always turning)
    Bio-mass (somewhere plants are growing, showing tall and reaching for heights!)
    Bio-Mechanical (people are always moving—and that’s energy—we can produce our own!!)

    Basically everything in nature is a renewable energy source—even (when you think about it) OIL is renewable—it’s decomposed plant matter from the age of the dinosaurs and before—it just takes WAY too long for that to occur for our purposes to call it renewable (but in theory and in truth it is—maybe one day scientists could figure out a way to speed up the process; but what would be the point in doing that if we have all these other alternatives [geothermal, wind, solar, tidal, bio-mass, bio-mechanical, etc.] around us at all times which do not pollute the planet [as much, surely it takes some toll on the planet to be building and maintaining these facilities in the first place — don’t forget, plastics come from oils/ polymers — and wind turbines are all made of those plastics!]) Maybe we just need to find out how to cut down on our use of energy, rather than just trying to ask how to get more (with less of an environmental toll—for the least environmental toll would be NOT USING any energy at all—Ghandi-style!!!) Hope that helps…

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