What are some religious groups that are helping spread the word of global warming?



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    Several evangelical Christian groups are coming out to call for us to be “more effective stewards of God’s creation.” This includes the commander of the Salvation Army, Saddleback Community Church’s pastor (also the author of The Purpose-Driven Life) and many Evangelical congregations. The Christian-Muslim Youth Forum on Climate Change exists. It’s important to note that not all members of specific religions feel the same way about climate change/global warming, rather, it’s groups within these religions.

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         Pope Benedict XVI’s environmental views have led some to call him “The Green Pope”. The Vatican is now the first carbon neutral nation in the world, which is especially impressive considering the uneasy relationship that church has had with science in the past. The Pope dedicated his most recent International Day of Peace address to calling for environmental justice and prevention of climate change. What makes the Vatican less green is its stance on birth control, which angers the many climate activists who cite population growth as a contributor to climate change.   

         Tibetan Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama endorsed the 350ppm emissions target in 2008, stating, “It is now urgent that we take corrective action to ensure a safe climate future for coming generations. of human beings and other species.” Nobel Laureate and Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu also endorses it. This does not mean that all Tibetan Buddhists, South African Anglicans, or Catholics are concerned about climate change, but it is important for these influential people to take a stand. 

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