What are some regions in America that don’t have that much water?



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    The Southwest region of the US has the least amount of water source.  There are also many desert areas in the US including the Chihuahuan desert, which falls in New Mexico and Western Texas.  The Great Basin desert takes up most of Nevada, and parts of Utah and Idaho as well.  The Mojave desert consume southern Nevada and parts of Utah and eastern California.  The US is also home to the Sonoran Desert, a relatively small region which include southern California and most of southern Arizona.

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    Death Valley in the Mojave Desert, CA features the driest, lowest, and hottest spots in North America. The driest stretch on record in the area was a period of 40 days between 1931 – 1934 when only 16 mm of rain fell. The desert is so dry there because many ranges of mountains exist between it and the Pacific ocean, so when storms move Eastward the mountains steal all the condensation as the clouds rise, leaving the desert dry and dusty when storms pass by.

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    Note that the dry period in carlymfiske’s answer is 40 months, not 40 days.

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