What are some regions in Africa that are trying to develop as eco friendly as possible?



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    Africa in general is trying to become more eco-friendly.  With South Africa as the backdrop for the last World Cup, the rest of the world got a glimpse of Africa’s eco awareness.  The stadiums were prime examples of how a country can turn a world event into global awareness.  With that being said, Africa is focusing on “ecoing” tourism.  Many African trips offer eco-hotel and eco-tours.  In 2008, Africa was leading eco-friendly living.  Since then Africa continues to grow with eco-friendly developments of buildings, etc.

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    There are a number of sustainability efforts across the continent as the result of countries’ own initiatives as well as foreign aid.  It’s probably not appropriate to try to say which country is trying to be the most eco-friendly because of the diversity of environmental practices and conditions that exist across the continent, and because of the diversity of environmental issues that you might deem important (climate, biodiversity, air quality, and so on).

    The United Nationas Environment Programme’s Regional Office for Africa (ROA) is one body that supports sustainability across the entire continent.  In 2008, it published “Africa: Atlas of Our Changing Environment”, which outlines environmental issues throughout the continent and discussing the progress of individual countries in achieving Millienium Development Goal 7 Indicators pertaining to environment: safe drinking water access, slum population as a percentage of urban population, protected area as percentage of total surface area, percent of land area covered by forest, and per capita carbon dioxide emissions.

    Another interesting campaign is the WorldWatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet project/blog.  Staff toured sub-Saharan Africa seeking and reporting on innovations and policies which support improved food security and environmental sustainability across the region.  WorldWatch published the findings of this tour for its 2011 edition of the annual State of the World report, intending it and the blog to be a “roadmap for foundations and international donors interested in supporting the most effective agricultural development interventions in various agroecological and socioeconomic contexts”. 

    This is not a cut-and-dry response to your question, but I hope i have demonstrated the rich diversity of environmental challenges and solutions extant today across the African continent. 

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