What are some recycling facts?



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    Here are just a few. I have attached a link to a site with many more.

    • Between 1950 and 2000, the U.S. population nearly doubled. However, in that same period, public demand for water more than tripled! Americans now use an average of 100 gallons of water each day — enough to fill 1,600 drinking glasses! (EPA, 2008)
    • Each of us uses approximately one 100-foot-tall Douglas fir tree in paper and wood products per year. (EPA, 2008
    • Recycling steel and tin cans saves 74% of the energy used to produce them
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    It can vary depending on the specific recycling facility, but as a general rule:


    Plastics 1, 2, 5 and 6 are recycleable (the number is found inside the triangle)

    Plastics 3,4, and 7 typically are not.


    All of these plastics are made of different components and used for different reasons.  Visit the website below for more information specific to each type.

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