What are some recent incentives the government has offered for clean energy?



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    Each state has their own incentives to promote renewable energy, but some federal ones are:

    Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction – A corporate tax deduction of $1.80 per square foot to owners who install interior lighting, building envelope, or heating, cooling, ventiliation, or hot water systems that reduce the building’s total energy and power cost by %50. 

    Clean Renewable Energy Bonds – loans given by the federal government to finance various types of renewable energy projects. 

    There are many, many more federal incentive programs related to renewable energy listed here: http://www.dsireusa.org/incentives/index.cfm?state=us&re=1&EE=1

    And you can search different state governments’ incentives here: http://www.dsireusa.org/

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    Last year, the federal government issued an incentives program- the 1603 Program- for clean energy initiatives as part of its economic stimulus program. Qualified renewable energy projects could have up to 30% of their cost credited back through tax rebates. Many energy companies are concerned that if Congress if does not renew this incentive by the end of the year, a booster program, crucial in these difficult economic times, could be taken away along with many jobs.

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