What are some really cool animals that people probably don’t know about?



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    The animal kingdom is full of many vibrant different species. Unfortunately, we only know the ones we see in person, at a zoo, or on TV. There are many fascinating creatures that are not often on that list. One of my person favorites is the pangolin, which looks almost like a armadillo mixed with an anteater. These creatures mostly live in Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. Other animals that are not often talked about include tapirs (pig-like mammals that dwell in forests and jungles), wombats (Australian marsupials that looks like large chipmunks), ligers (hybrid cross between tigers and lions), platypus (duck-billed and egg-laying mammal in Australia), aye-ayes (rodents-like primates from Madagascar), and axolotls (aquatic creature similar to a salamander that can regenerate most body parts) to name a few. There are also many species out there that we have not yet discovered. To learn more about these bizarre and fascinating creatures and many more, reference the links below.

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