What are some really contaminated lakes in the United States?



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    I encourage other people to answer this as well, as I’m only going to provide one example. One really contanimated US lake is Onandaga Lake in New York. It is apparently the focus of a cleanup effort. The contamination seems to be from Industrial Pollution.

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    All of the Great Lakes are polluted due to industrial contaminants.  Coal plants that frequent the area emit fly ash into the air, eventually, the ash settles to the ground and waterways.  Due to the massive size of all of the Great Lakes, they have accrued a good amount of coal ash pollution.  Additionally, many years of point source pollution, including toxic chemicals and human waste, from urban areas have degraded the water and ecosystem quality of the Great Lakes.

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    Onondaga Lake in New York is one of the most polluted lakes in the United States. It has become polluted due to municipal and industrial waste. The lake is polluted with nitrogen, phosphorus, and ionic waste. 

    Areas of the Great Lakes are also contaminated with toxic chemicals. The Great Lakes have been contaminated with pollutants such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, alkyphenols, 5-methyl-1H-benzotriazole, synthetic musks, triclosan, and polybrominated diphenyl. 

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