What are some rap artists that have tried to spread an environmental message?



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    Rap artists like Pharrell is currently designing a new eco-friendly jacket. Pharrell is teaming up with Italian house Moncler to create jackets (and other activewear) from recycled bottles. The line will be called Pharrell Moncler and includes items like winter jacets that mimic the look of bullet proof vests. This new urban look will come out in the fall. Based on these jackets Pharrell is working with a New York based textile company that makes fabrics from recycled bottles. 

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    Check out Professor A.L.I. This quote sums up his viewpoints pretty well:

    “The overwhelming message in my short life has been that this planet is dying and we are murderers. Once the lesson was imparted, that this pristine planet is now polluted, the natural has become artificial and that life itself has become unbearable…I made this my predominant message. I called it ‘the real green movement’ but a radio show host at KPFA called it ‘Eco-Rap’ on the air, ‘Islamic Eco-Rap’ at that and it stuck.”

    In 2010 rapper Drake joined forces with Green the Block. Drake travels on a bio-diesel fuel bus and played his tour at venues that have carbon-offsetting practices. The tour also featured a Green Jobs Rally “to promote green economy jobs in minority communities” (Melissa-Cole). The Roots helped found Green Music Group, a coalition of  music industry people and fans that aims to bring environmental change to the music industry. The group also launched Feed Your Roots in 2007, a program that promotes composting in schools. Russel Simmons is another hip hop legend who is a proponent of green consciousness.

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