What are some pros and cons for vegetable dyes?



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    Vegetable dyes can be used for a variety of things and each use will have its own pros and cons.

    Overall though, vegetable dyes are obviously better for the environment. There are no chemicals being introduced and these products are ofetn organic. When used in clothes, many say they cannot tell a real difference between vegetable dyes and the chemical stuff.

    Some negatives are that if being used in hair, vegetable dyes are permanent and can not be washed out. They also tend to only come in powder form which may be harder to dissolve. Some of the colors in 100% vegetable dye also tend to be weaker looking than artificial dyes.

    Environmentally, vegetable dyes are the way to go. it seems most of the problems found with them are cosmetic.

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    For food, vegetable dyes made of spinach, beets, or turmeric can add an odd flavor to the food you want to make. If you are using a natural dye to color cake icing, this can make the cake rather unappetizing. Many people won’t notice the flavor unless you tell them what is in it, though. On the bright side, these dyes also have lots of antioxidants.

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