What are some prominent mammals that face extinction today?



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    Sumatran Tigers are extremely threatened and their numbers are thought to be less than 400. These tigers are threatened due to clear cutting of forests to make paper products. The tigers are also poached, even on protected land. 

    The Javan rhino is also dangerously close to extinction. Rhinos are often poached for their horns that have multiple uses. There are thought to only be about 60 Javan Rhinos left in the wild. 

    The Cross River Gorilla is also close to becoming extinct. There are thought to be less than 300 of them left in the wild. These animals are forced out of their homes by deforestation. 

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    The International Union for Conservation of Nature keeps track of mammals that are on the very verge of extinction. One animal they already believe may be extinct is the Baiji Dolphin, which is found in the Yangtze river in China. Another is the Iberian Lynx which is the most endangered animal in Europe and has fewer than 150 animals currently living in the wild. The black rhino is very close to extinction and 90% of its population has died out in the last 60 years because of poaching. There have been efforts to save the rhino, as 1000 have been born since the 1990s, with the current world population at 4000. The Lowland Gorilla is also going extinct due to hunting. Deforestation and disease also contribute to their decline. 

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