What are some prominent green schools in the US?



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    The Center for Green Schools organization released their list of Best of Green Schools in 2011 last week, and the Lake Mills Middle School in Lake Mill, Wisconsin was voted as best school. This school saves over $50,000 in energy expenses by installing geothermal heating and a cooling system. In addition, the middle school now uses electric instead of gas.

    Some other prominent green schools mentioned by the Center for Green Schools include the Richardsville Elementary School in Kentucky which is the first school to have an energy use of net-zero. 

    In a Voices of America Special English Education Report, they discussed the rise in green schools in the United States -using T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia as an example of a school that investing in new green buildings. T.C. Williams High School along with 400 other schools in the United States that are seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificates. Some of the requirements that schools must meet in order to be certified “include protecting natural areas and limiting the amount of chemicals in building materials, [and also] better lighting and improved indoor air quality,” (“Green Schools Grow Around US“).

    For more information about green schools visit the U.S. Green Building Council website.

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    For colleges, the Princeton Review has a pamphlet out called “Guide to 311 Green Colleges.” This 220-page guide is the only free, comprehensive guide that is also updated each year. It profiles over 300 colleges based on their eco-friendly practices. 

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    Colleges and universities with good sustainability programs and green initiatives include:

    Michigan University: Demonstrated leadership in sustainable business and offers a combined MBA/MS degree.
    Arizona State University: Working with Wal-Mart to develop sustainability standards for products
    Akansas University:  Working with Wal-Mart to develop sustainability standards for products
    Baldwin-Wallace College: First college in Ohio to offer undergraduate and masters degrees in sustainability
    Oberlin College: Ohio college that has the most LEED certified buildings, minimal waste, many co-operatives, grows a lot of its own food, etc.  

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