What are some products that were said to be green but really aren’t?



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    The link I included provides some hilarious examples of greenwashing; as far as products, the pure and natural disposable diaper, eco-friendly barbie, and Sherwin Williams all natural paint come to mind as greenwashed products.  However, recently the United States passed legislation that makes it illegal for companies to make false advertising claims about being environmentally friendly.  As a general rule of thumb, any “green” product provided by a huge corporation is most likely not as green as they claim.

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    andyyeah‘s rule of thumb is a very good one to use. Another big category of products to watch out for is cosmetics. Unlike foods, the FDA does not regulate “organic” cosmetics. So, read the labels of everything you buy to find out what is really in it. One way that you can find greener products is to look for things that are certified by Quality Assurance International. Making your own products is also a great way to ensure that you are getting an environmentally friendly product.

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    A news article that came out last year reported that over 95 percent of the “green” products that were being sold to consumers were either misleading or just plain inaccurate (Newport Television, 2010). Althought the article did not name names, it did stress the importance of checking for trusted green labels such as; USDA Organic, EcoLogo, Green Seal, Rainforest Alliance, UL Environment, etc.

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