What are some products that we should not buy on Craigslist?



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    DO NOT BUY CARS OFF OF CRAIGSLIST!!!!!! This is a huge scam and anyone who offers to ship cars is especially sketchy. Pretty much, any item that the seller offers to ship to you is a scam and you should NOT buy it. Most scam artists tend to send you a check for the amount of the item + shipping. The check eventually bounces and you are out lots of $$$

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    Any item that sounds like it is too good to be true shouldn’t be purchased on Craigslist. You also shouldn’t buy things where the seller wants you to wire money first, mail you the item instead of meeting up for it (especially vehicles), or the price seems exceptionally low. Generally it’s a good idea to meet up with the seller to get a look at what you’re buying and make sure it is as advertised. As a rule, use common sense and if something seems off or fishy, it’s better to err on the side of caution and go elsewhere for whatever it is you’re trying to buy.

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