What are some products we may buy from endangered species?



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    There are many items that could potentially be made from endangered species. The items are often times illegal in the united states and elsewhere but the items tend to be poorly regulated in the developing world. Exotic leathers like that of alligator, snake, and crocodile may be from an endangered population. If you are going to buy these items make sure you know they came from farmed animals. Turtle meat and other items made from turtles like shell ash trays, or powdered turtle parts intended for miracle medicines are often from endangered or threatened species. Exotic fish and birds from the pet trade may have been caught illegally instead of bread in captivity. Ivory is also likely from endangered populations.

    If you are going to buy exotic animal products make sure you do your research on the where exactly the items came from and make sure you have proof of some sort. The better bet is just to avoid these items to ensure it was never part of an endangered animal.

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