What are some products that make recycling easier?



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    There is actually a few very simple things you can do to reduce your waste.  For solid matter (plastic, paper, metal and so on) Just buy a second trash bin.  Get one that is green or blue, or just mark it as recycling.  When you have a recycling bin in your house, it is easy for you to just to throw stuff in it.  

    For food, start a compost bin in your backyard.  I know you are probably thinking thats a very hippie thing to do.  But trust me, its discrete, easy,  and then you end up with REALLY good soil to use for your yard.  This also saves you money for not having to buy soil and fertilizer.  

    Below is a link on how to get started with composting (just give it a try, or at least check out the website! Enjoy)  

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