What are some products made from recycled cardboard?



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    Often recyled cardboard is used for packaging.  Many cereals or other boxed food products use recyled cardboard.  More unique recyled cardboard products are pens and penciles, furniture, and notebooks.

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    Additionally, recycled cardboard can be combined with paper pulp to make other paper products. These may include paper towels and toilet paper. It can even be used as an absorption material in some cat litters.

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    Cardboard can also be recycled and combined with other materials to produce new products.  The website rebinder.com has an extensive selection of office supplies that were all derived from recycled cardboard.  Cardboard can also be recycled to make surniture such as chairs, shelves, and even bedding.

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    Along with the above, recycled cardboard is also made into eco-friendly coffins, which actually make functional structures. Old cardboard is also made into new pizza boxes, for which the top can be removed to form four different plates. Another option for recycled cardboard is to be made into eco-friendly animal bedding, such as for horses. 

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