What are some problems with smart grid electricity?



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    A smart grid allows electric companies to connect wirelessly to your home’s appliances.  This can be good and bad.  The first “bad” thing about this technology is that just like a cell phone, each appliance in your home will transmit a signal.  This will increase the radiofrequency radiation inside your home, which will likely at times be above current safety standards.  Outside, the smart meter that is connected to the smart grid will also transmit a signal that could bounce from house to house before reaching its final destination.  Finally, the electric company will be able to control your appliances.  In the Midwest, one utility company with a smart grid system turns air conditioners on and off in 15 minute cycles to reduce strain on the grid.

    There are definitely benefits to the environment in energy efficiency and control.  These are just some of the problems with the system. 

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